Rules and Regulations!

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Rules and Regulations!

Post by Matthew - VTEC001 on Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:07 pm

VTEC Virtual All Round Rules:
1. Be Kind - If you are not going to be nice on the forums or to other members then you will get 1 strike, this you can appeal to
2. Do at least 1 service a month - this means basically do something like London-Peterborough and back once a month, you must return though!
3. Respect the moderators - I personally am not a big fan of moderators and i will let stuff slip under the radar, but if we do pick you up on it, please respect there decisions.
4. Only have 1 Account - If you are found to have multiple accounts E.g. and, chances are you are the same person, so instead of spamming the servers, why not do more then one service
5. Have fun - Remember this is just a game so don't take things too seriously

Forum Rules!
1. No Swearing or other comments that can be Offensive. This Includes Racism and Homophobic comments.(These can be dealt with seriously!)
2. Respect Admins and Moderators Decisions!
3. Do Not Share Any Personal Information with people you Do Not Know!

The Admins and Moderators are currently
Matthew - VTEC001 and Dhassell - VTEC002

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